Seven Sisters Day Trip From London

Visiting the Seven Sisters Cliffs

Living in the city can be overwhelming at times, even for city-lovers like myself. In London, the simple cure to all woes is a trip to the English countryside. This past weekend, my friends and I spent the day at The Seven Sisters in Sussex. It’s easy as pie to get there, so read on to find out how you can experience these beautiful coastal cliffs too!


Getting there

Purchase a ticket from London Blackfriars or Victoria to Brighton using Trainline. You can use Trainline’s mobile app to download the tickets, or pick them up from a machine at the station using your confirmation code. I’d definitely suggest getting an early start so you have the morning to explore the colorful city of Brighton before heading to the cliffs.


Breakfast at Oseta Cafe

Brighton has an abundance of adorable cafes, so definitely save your appetite for a delicious breakfast. Oseta Cafe is a quaint restaurant located just 10 minutes from the train station. Located off of the main drag, it’s a hidden gem that won’t be buzzing with tourists, even on a weekend! I had a delicious latte, and an egg sandwich. I’m still dreaming of the soft bread and crispy bacon… yummy!


how to get to the seven sisters

After you’ve nourished your soul with a delicious meal, it’s time to head out to the cliffs. Pick up bus passes from 1 Stop Travel, which is located at 26 North Street. You’ll only have to pay five pounds for a full day pass!

Across the street from 1 Stop Travel, you’ll find North Street – Stop C. Take bus 12X for the quickest journey. I definitely suggest snagging a seat on the second floor of the double decker bus! If you can stay awake along the 55 minute journey, you’ll take in the sights of enchanting coastal towns and pastoral landscapes. Hop out at the Seven Sisters Visitor Centre stop.


time to hike

The best way to experience The Seven Sisters on a day-trip is to take the 1.5 hour loop around the east side. You won’t be hiking on top of them, but the views from the beach below are incredible. The water is a ridiculous shade of turquoise, especially on a sunny day! Begin your journey on the trail right next to the Cuckmere Inn.


Saltmarsh Farmhouse

After you’ve finished taking in the beautiful sights of the chalk cliffs, and made some cow friends along the trail back to the main road, take some time to unwind before heading back to Brighton. The Saltmarsh Farmhouse is a charming little cafe situated beside the Visitor’s Centre. Treat yourself to a scone with clotted cream and jam, and a pot of steaming hot tea.

(Pro-tip: Make sure to use the toilet inside the restaurant, as the public one around the corner is, shall we say, not in the best shape).


Returning to Brighton

To return back to Brighton, hop back on board the bus at either the Seven Sisters Visitor Centre Stop, or the Cuckmere Inn. If you have any energy left, get out at the Sea Life Centre stop to explore the Brighton Palace Pier, or check out the shopping at The Lanes.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps you plan an enjoyable trip to the Seven Sisters Cliffs.