Jordy | Los Angeles Lifestyle Session

Life is pretty serendipitous sometimes. I was out in California for spring break, and by the end of my incredible trip, I was definitely not ready to leave. The morning of my last day, I woke up to a notification that my flight had been cancelled due to the blizzard hitting the Northeast. Some people would find this inconvenient, but I couldn't have been happier. I immediately texted my friend, Jordy, to see if he would  have any free time to shoot with me amongst his busy schedule. Luckily, we were able to find time to get together.

Jordy was one of my first supporters back in Boston, and it's been crazy to watch each other grow – him as a musician, and myself as a photographer. Every time we get together, it is inspiring to talk about the new milestones we've reached over time. Be on the lookout for his new single in a few weeks, and in the meantime check out his latest music on Spotify. Jordy's got the voice, the looks, the talent, & the charisma – he destined for big things.