Prague Travel Diary


Charles bridge

My first morning in Prague, I woke up at the crack of dawn to see the Charles Bridge. My favorite time of day to take travel photos is always before the city has woken up. It's a win, win, win. I beat the crowds, get an early start to my day, and get to experience the quiet stirring of the city coming to life.  There's nothing like roaming around empty streets that you know, in a few hours, will be teaming with people. It feels like I'm living a secret memory, the only witnesses being the chirping birds, cobblestone streets, and my roaming mind. 


the LENNON wall 

After we exhausted all of the typical touristy things to do, we searched the Internet for more off the beaten path attractions in Prague. We came across the Lennon Wall in Mala Strana. When we got there, we realized we had stumbled upon a true gem in the city's history. John Lennon was a martyr to the Czech youth rebelling against the communist regime... when he was murdered the wall was created as a monument for non-violent rebellion and the fight for peace. It still stands today as a symbol for harmony. The messages and quotes splattered across the wall were filled with love, kindness, and optimism. My personal favorite was, "It's time to create right now." We stayed for about an hour or so, listening to the street performer who was beautifully playing a selection of the best Beatles songs. All you need is love, people!! <3


The best view in all of Prague- and it's free! 

It might come as a surprise that the photo above was taken on the roof of a Starbucks Coffee shop, it sure shocked me! When I was scouring the Internet in the weeks preparing for my trip, I happened upon this treasure. You can see the entire city from up here – the wide expanse of burnt-orange roofs went on forever. It was a view unlike I'd ever seen before in my life! I'm not going to lie, this spot was a bit out of the way, but if you're looking for the best view in Prague, here it is


Prague Castle

The Prague Castle was astonishingly beautiful. From up close, it made me feel quite small, but it was humbling. I definitely recommend hiking up to it and taking a tour! Make sure you stop for homemade potato chips and mulled wine on the way back down - SO delicious. 


La Piccola Perla

Our first night in town, we discovered La Piccola Perla, an authentic Italian restaurant that was conveniently located directly across from our Air BnB. As soon as we walked through the doors, we felt incredibly welcomed by the entire staff. After taking our order, they created a list of suggestions to check out in Prague, without us even asking! The food was, without a doubt, the best meal during our entire visit (and yes – it outplayed the McDonalds we caved for at 12:30 AM). Not to mention, we purchased everything in the picture above for a whopping total of $12 USD!! Go to La Piccola Perla - I did, twice



If you go to Prague, or Eastern Europe in general, you must (and I mean MUST), try trdlník. The delicious pastry is concocted by baking dough over an open fire, spinning it on rods, and sweetening it up with lots of sugar and cinnamon. You may add an abundance of other toppings, like chocolate and ice cream, if you so please. We opted for a pistachio filled one since it's my favorite flavor ever! Street carts and store windows selling trdlník line the streets downtown, so you definitely won't have difficulty finding it. So, dang, good!