DUMBO Wedding | Janina & Corey

You know when you excitedly write something into your calendar six months in advance, and then the countdown to the day feels like forever? And when the date finally arrives, you think to yourself how in retrospect, the months flew by like seconds? That's exactly how I felt about Corey & Janina's wedding.

It seems like only yesterday we met up at Whoops Bakery over the summer to discuss all of the exciting details. Janina first arrived energetic to talk about our creative journeys, as she is also a wonderful photographer (check out her website!). Soon after, Corey pulled up on his skateboard, having just finished work. The three of us laughed and chatted over coffee, and I instantly knew this was just a match made in heaven. 

The day of the wedding (like I said) quickly arrived, and if I could do it all over again, I would! Every aspect of the celebration, from the vows, to the floral arrangements, to Janina's breathtaking gown, the stunning locations, and just about every in-between, was perfect. A massive thank you is in order to Janina, Corey, and their relatives & friends, for welcoming me with open arms into their family for the day. Sending all my love and good wishes!