Caila + Nick | Hover Boston Helicopter Ride

A few weeks ago, I was headed home from grocery shopping, and I heard an email ping from my pocket. I unlocked my iPhone, expecting to see another typical Boston portrait session inquiry, but I nearly shrieked with excitement when I saw what it said. Caila Quinn had messaged me asking me to photograph her and her boyfriend, Nick, with a freakin HELICOPTER!! Best "prop" ever.

Caila had planned to surprise Nick, so on the way to the airport we tricked him into thinking that we were headed to shoot in a pretty field! He was so thrilled to find out she'd planned a doors-off helicopter ride soaring over Boston. Initially, I wasn't supposed to join them for the actual flight, but when they were preparing to board, the pilot said he had room for me to join along!! There truly is no better feeling than embarking on spontaneous adventures like this one :) 

Thank you to Hover Boston and the Kympton Onyx Hotel for the opportunity. Check out this article about our ride in the Boston Globe Travel section!

helicopter-1-3 copy.jpg

Just chillin' on the helicopter! 

(Still in awe that this happened!!!)