The best part of being a photographer is constantly meeting people who inspire me to self-reflect, and grow from doing so. Shelcy & Christy are two NYC-based sisters with fire in their eyes and a real passion for fashion. They contacted me on Instagram looking to do a shoot, and luckily I was back in NY for the holidays. 

We met up in Dumbo, Brooklyn and instantly clicked, chatting about our creative aspirations while taking advantage of the unusually beautiful weather. They were so interested in finding out more about the creative process behind work, and it was really interesting for me to articulate how I view photography artistically. I don't usually think, but rather just do. Taking time to reflect upon what seems to be natural to me couldn't be more beneficial at this point in my career, when I've been trying to establish a particular aesthetic. I've found over the course of the past few months that I specifically love to work with light– the way it can reflect off of people's skin, create reflections in windows, make extraordinary shadows, and flood an image with a magical luminescence. Light transforms photos. 

So, Shelcy & Christy – if you're reading this, THANK YOU! It is so important for artists to be aware of the key elements that make them unique– it was you two who made me realize this.

Check out my favorite photos from our shoot below!