Throughout my life, fashion has provided an important means of self-expression. I’ve always been in love with combing different colors, patterns, and pieces to create the perfect outfits. Something I particularly enjoy is collecting these pieces from small boutiques and designers. Sherrie Garcia, a young entrepreneur who recently created an accessory brand – The7Collection – recently reached out to me about a month ago looking to create promotional content for her first collection coming out this Spring. 

    When I saw Sherrie’s designs I couldn’t have been more ecstatic; she specializes in scarves, and each of them has a unique pattern. Clean cut, unique, and simple, they are a surefire way to spice up anyone’s outfit. Naturally, I said yes!

    We met up on Friday, January 6th at the perfect little space called The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory. Many thanks to Sherrie for finding this studio space because I will definitely be using it again in the future – pristine white walls, and four huge windows filling the room with beautiful natural light. Once we both got there, we unpacked all of the clothing and accessories that she brought. The light flowing through the windows was flashing so many creative visions through my mind; the excitement was tangible.

    Next, our muse for the day, Tara Devon Gallagher, arrived. I don't even know the correct characteristics to describe Tara’s hair. All I can think of is sheer awesomeness– kind of red, kind of orange, shades differing depending on the lighting situation. You can see for yourself what I mean if you take a peep at the pictures I’ve shared in this blog post. She was definitely the right model for making these photos intriguing, simple, and fierce rolled up in one. 

    For three hours, Sherrie, Tara, and I worked together to create specific vibes for each scarf: from romantic to classy,  edgy to sassy, we were definitely able to portray each neck-tie’s personality.  

    The7Collection website has not yet launched, but it’s on its way. In the meanwhile, check out the Etsy shop to purchase one of Sherrie’s original designs.